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Trevor J. Lambert


Trevor Lambert is the President and Founder of Lambert & Lambert, Inc., one of the leading invention agencies involved in licensing and technology transfer worldwide. 


An inventor himself, after seeing deficiencies in the business model of existing invention service providers, Trevor established the company in 2001 with the goal of providing inventors with improved transparency by working on a commission basis (or contingency).


Over the years Trevor has been chiefly responsible for developing and licensing products that are now selling in stores such as Walmart®, Target®, ToysRUs®, and many more, generating for his clients royalties in the millions of dollars. 


Through the years Trevor developed a method of licensing products that is both effective and repeatable.  Due to his success, inventors have called for Trevor to disclose his methodology, which has resulted in the composition of this work.



André Nel


André Nel spent 23 years with Hewlett-Packard designing and building custom devices in high technology.


He took early retirement to start his own company developing and commercializing products, primarily in the housewares industry.  He designs, manufactures and imports products and currently has products placed in stores such as Walgreens® and Meijers®


André has a Masters degrees from Stanford University in Material Science and Engineering and has two other Master's degrees from San Jose State University in Science and Engineering and Business Administration.


Through the years, Lambert & Lambert has been successful at licensing numerous products on behalf of inventors.  As a result, Trevor Lambert (President of Lambert & Lambert) developed Invent Secrets™ in order to help inventors everywhere by disclosing our "Secrets to Success".





Lambert & Lambert (L&L) is an international license agency that represents independent inventors and product developers with innovative inventions and technologies.  As one of the premier license agencies, L&L's goal is to commercialize their client’s products by placing them with a manufacturer who is well positioned to sell the product in large quantities.  With products currently selling in stores such as Walmart®, Target®, ToysRUs®, and many more, L&L has a proven track record of success.


Lambert & Lambert is unique in that they represent inventions on a contingency fee (or commission) basis.  This means that L&L is paid as a percentage of what they get the client – only if they are successful at licensing their invention. 


Lambert & Lambert is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, the MN Inventors Congress, Professional Member of the United Inventors Association, Licensing Executives Society and has been recognized by the National Inventor Fraud Center as "Official Good Guys".


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Another Success Story

Stay-Put Cutlery

Here is another recent successful product that we licensed using the INVENT SECRETS SYSTEM.  This baby product is now selling worldwide and is currently selling at stores such as:

Product Website

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