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Trevor Lambert, the author of Invent Secrets interviews major players in the invention industry, inventors and companies that may be interested in licensing your products.


The interviews are offered as free help for you as you seek to develop, launch and or license your inventions!


Check back often because we have numerous other interviews scheduled in the coming months.




Paul Niemann, President

Market Launchers


Market Launchers is a website dedicated to featuring new inventions available for license.  In this interview Trevor and Paul discuss effective means of marketing inventions over the web, directly at tradeshows and through other media.


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Brian Gates, President

Design My Idea


Design My Idea is a provider of professional design services geared towards developing compelling inventions, products and brands.  Trevor and Brian discuss in this interview the important aspects that inventors should consider when designing and prototyping their invention.


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Todd Brabender, President

Spread the News Public Relations, Inc.


Spread The News Public Relations specializes in generating widespread media coverage for the most innovative of products and services in North America.  In this interview, Todd and Trevor converse about how inventors can generate buzz for their inventions by getting media attention.


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More Interviews Coming Soon!





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