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Invent Secrets > Table Of Contents



Understanding Inventions in Today’s Economy

Developing a Team


Evaluating Your Invention

Value Proposition – What Problem Does It Solve?

Patent and Prior Art Searches

Evaluating Marketability and Licensability

Key Evaluation Criteria



Do You Need a Patent?

Should I File a Patent?  Considerations and Strategy

Provisional Application for Patent

The Patenting Process Made Simple



CAD Software and Virtual Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Techniques

Prototyping on a Budget: Hand Built Methods


Marketing Your Invention

The Difference that Makes the Difference

Marketing 101: Unique Selling Proposition and More

Preparing Your Sell Sheet and Importance of Images


Finding Companies Who Will License Your Invention

Which Type of Companies License Products?

The Value of Trade Shows

The Sales Pitch: Strategies and Verbatims


Negotiating The Deal

“We Are Interested” – Now What?

Executive Summary Proposal

Strategies and Techniques to Reach an Agreement


The License Agreement: Key Elements Of The Contract

Exclusivity or Non-Exclusivity

Calculating the Royalty Rate

Advances, Signing Bonus or Nothing

Guaranteed Minimums and Performance Requirements


Other Important Legal Documents

Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

Purchase and Assignment Agreement

Option Agreement


Licensing vs. Manufacturing Yourself

Major Considerations

Doing It Yourself and Self Assessment

Overview of Essential Skills


Manufacturing Your Product

Overview of the Supply Chain

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Overview of the Types of Tooling

Retailer Requirements

Product Life Cycle

CashFlow – the Ins and Outs




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